Flat tires in electric scooters with air-filled tires are unfortunately very common. However, there are a few simple steps a scooter rider can make to help avoid these flats.

  1. When opening the box of your new scooter, don’t ride until you’ve checked your tire pressure first. Oftentimes, new electric scooters arrive with low tire pressure. Riding with low pressure can cause the tube inside the tire to pinch and form a hole, and when that happens, the entire tube must be replaced which is often a tedious, difficult or expensive process.
  2. Check your tire pressure every few weeks to make sure your tires are set at the suggested PSI written on the side wall. of your tire (see the video on how to do this correctly).
  3. Avoid sudden impacts to your tires, such as potholes or riding off curbs.
  4. Riding in wet conditions is also known to increase your chance for flat tires because particles found on the road can stick to your tires for longer periods of time and angle themselves to cause a puncture

Use these tips to help lower your chance for flat tires. Of course, when it happens, you can always consider switching to solid honeycomb tires (if your scooter does not go faster than 20 mph), but you’ll have to consider the trade-off between comfort and safety if you make this switch. Thank you for reading.

Safe and happy riding!