Used scooter trade-ins

Trade in your used scooter towards a new scooter purchase. 


Please note, we do not pay cash for your used scooter

Looking to sell your used scooter? Try Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or OfferUp Mobile Application. We can only offer store-credit for a trade-in towards a new purchase.

scooter brands we accept for trade-in

Anyhill, Apollo, Daultron, Emove, Fluid, Glion, Gotrax, Hiboy, Innokim, Kaabo, Kugookirin, Levy, Nanrobot, NIU, Segway, Speedway, TurboAnt, Varla, VSETT, Zero. There are 100s of scooter brands in the marketplace today. Unfortunately if your scooter is not on this list, we cannot accept a trade-in, no exceptions. 


Scooter must be in good working condition (turns on and motor runs) with less than 1000 miles. 

Trade-in Value

We usually offer about 20-25% of MSRP for your scooter trade-in. We will assess each qualifying scooter separetely and trade-in value is subjective per scooter details.